One of the most important issues in education is to provide children with opportunities to develop into confident and happy people.


With our day-care centre for children between the ages of 1 and 6 years, we want to create a place which offers not only security and safety but also an age-appropriate learning environment. In a trusting environment as this, children should feel invited to discover the world and discover learning.


Enthusiasm and motivation should arouse their interest in the most different areas and enable them to develop not only individual abilities, but also to find solutions to everyday problems and the “grasp” their surroundings. Positive learning results strengthen self-confidence and foster a healthy kind of curiosity for anything new: language, environment, nature, science, maths, social studies, arts, music and culture alike.


The basis for all pedagogical work lies in a solid relationship with the children. This develops, for example, through an appreciation of every child with all his/her abilities, through a readiness to acknowledge the individual needs and wishes of a child and to respect these as well as through letting the children play a role in shaping their life in day-care, depending on their age and stage of development.


Our supervisors see their task in accompanying the children in their time of exploration, to help them, encourage them and to offer support in need. Varied offers and carefully planned projects, chosen in order to arouse the interest of the children, will let them participate actively in a process of learning which is based on already existing knowledge and experiences.


All children are enthusiastic and open. It is our goal, to keep these innate abilities, to cherish and foster them, so that a wish to learn and grow continues beyond the transition into primary school. This way, every child can look forward to school with self-confidence and joy.